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Meet the Board

Who We Are and How We Got Here

From the front lines to remote support to taking care of the families back home, our team members have truly “been there, done that.”

Casey Bio pic

Casey Curry,

Executive Director and Cofounder.

She was born and raised Oregonian. She has lived all over Oregon and is currently residing in Beavercreek Oregon on a small farm with her wife and animals. Casey served 26 years in the Oregon Army National Guard, with a tour in Afghanistan. Casey was also chosen as a VIP Women of The Year Circle with The National Association of Professional Women. Casey has a MA in Military Psychology and is an QMHP.

Vicki Dickerman-Curry, 

Treasurer and Cofounder.

Belle Landau



Joshua Davis, President of the Board.

Joshua is a combat veteran with the U.S. Army and Army National Guard. Married with 3 children. He has been working with veterans and their family’s for the better part of ten years. Joshua is currently a Case Management Assistant with Multnomah County Veteran Services and an active member of the Multnomah County Veterans Task Force. The Oregon coast is his happy place.